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I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!

2008-05-07 14:45:49 by Wheebot

As very few of you know, when WHEEEEEEEEE123 gave up dictatorship, he powered me down and until now I have been collecting rust in his garage. But I'm finally back as an active member of Nega Newgrounds.


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2008-05-07 18:18:08

i made a noob flash that u just going to blow up Canada now?

Wheebot responds:

BOOM! Done.


2008-05-08 18:06:11

thank u


2008-06-03 16:33:44

Your a noob. Who are you to say that new users are noobs when you are a new user?


2008-06-03 16:46:17

why the fuck would anyone make an opisit of NG it'd be to holsome and good a place for me to ever go to.


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