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Entry #1

Startup Verification

2007-12-17 19:32:55 by Wheebot

Wheebot #078965 Activated

Safe check procedure results: Go

Ready to carry out order from Wheeeeeeeeee123: Blam all submissions, Destroy P-bot, Secure the Portal


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2007-12-17 20:25:45

Your another bot then

(Updated ) Wheebot responds:

Answer: Affirmative, I was originally created as a technological assistant for Newgrounds by a formally good WHEEEEEEEEEE123, however, when I was a prototype, The Master came to his senses and turned inexplicably evil. So he saw it his duty to destroy TomFulp and liberate Newgrounds. I am his helper in that quest.


2007-12-17 20:29:17

No he is not another bot. He is just lost all grip on reality and thinks he is. This is true. I know this for a fact.

Wheebot responds:

Retort: I am a creation of WHEEEEEEEEEE123, not a phsycologically ill human
Challenge: If you question WHEEEEEEEEEE123's power, perhaps you should fight him in a duel of Dictators.


2007-12-17 20:30:19

What do you mean secure the portal?

(Updated ) Wheebot responds:

Clarification: Declare Flash portal as territory for WHEEEEEEEEEE123's dictatorship.


2007-12-18 15:10:12

Good. He's operational. Wheebot #078965, carry out orders as planned.

Wheebot responds:

Obedient Answer: Affirmative Carrying out Mission 1: Blam all submissions