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I'm Wheebot

2008-07-24 17:23:59 by Wheebot

Once again, I am Wheebot.

hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii people

2008-07-19 01:16:30 by Wheebot


hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii people

whats up?

2008-06-16 15:55:52 by Wheebot

Hello members of NNG, or by chance NG, I need to know more about ng, so post info about stuff like add photos to favorites or something. ok? Oh and, we need more members of nng now!!!!!!!!!!!

whats up?

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!

2008-05-07 14:45:49 by Wheebot

As very few of you know, when WHEEEEEEEEE123 gave up dictatorship, he powered me down and until now I have been collecting rust in his garage. But I'm finally back as an active member of Nega Newgrounds.


2008-02-02 08:48:55 by Wheebot

The Creator has given me a creativity and freedom upgrade in order for me to help him with his newest project: The Newgrounds quiz.

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2007-12-17 19:32:55 by Wheebot

Wheebot #078965 Activated

Safe check procedure results: Go

Ready to carry out order from Wheeeeeeeeee123: Blam all submissions, Destroy P-bot, Secure the Portal